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Irrigation Management/Sensor Demonstration in Real-time

University of Tennessee Extension
Sponsored by the Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board

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Three types of sensor data processing applications with different soil moisture sensors are being compared in different areas of West Tennessee as shown in the figure below. The three irrigation management software packages and sensors are: 1) Zentr​a Cloud​ from Meter​ with MPS-2 sensors (matric potential), 2) AquaSpy with capacitance probes (volumetric), and 3) Precision King with Watermark sensors (tension)​. The irrigation management software can be accessed via the website links at the bottom of the page using the UserIDs and Passwords provided. All three soybean sites can be viewed in real time within each software package.

Weakley/Gibson Site:

Producer: Fowler
Soybean Planting Date: 5/31/19
Weakley Extension Agent: Jeff Lannom
Gibson Extension Agent: Phillip Shelby

Dyer/Gibson Site:

Producer: Burchfiel
Soybean Planting Date: 5/08/2019
Gibson Extension Agent: Phillip Shelby
Dyer Extension Agent: Mitch Pigue

Fayette/Hardeman Site:

Producer: German
Soybean Planting Date: 6/04/2019
Fayette Extension Agent: Jeff Via
Hardeman Extension Agent: Joshua German

Zentra Cloud

Username: UofTennSensors@gmail.com
Password: probe2019

UT-Extension Specialists:
Dr. Brian Leib – (865) 974-8846
Dr. Avat Shekoofa – (731) 425-4704

Aqua Spy

Username: demo.tennessee
Password: aquaspy2019

Mid-South Farmers Coop:
Jeremy McKay
Jason Stanley

Precision King

Username: UofTennSensors@gmail.com
Password: probe2019

Jenkins Precision Ag Service:
Matt White
Nutrien – Watermark:
Jason Stanley