All Degree Programs

Applicants are expected to present documentation that demonstrated the capacity to successfully pursue advanced study, e.g., through letters of recommendation describing specific undergraduate or graduate accomplishments or professional experience.

Applicants must provide official documentation of a grade-point average (GPA) from previous studies that meets the requirements of The Graduate School. International applicants on a non-immigrant visa cannot be admitted if their baccalaureate GPA is less than 3.0/4.0. Official documentation of Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores is also required. The departmental graduate faculty has not set minimum GRE scores for acceptance into the graduate programs. Instead, the GRE scores are used tho access the applicant’s preparation and potential for the successful completion of the graduate program, as are grades from previous coursework performed by the applicant.

Self-reported GPA or GRE scores are unacceptable, as are copies of transcripts or GRE scores sent to the student and forwarded to the department. Scores must be sent directly from the institution to Graduate Admissions.