Documentation that the applicant possesses a four-year baccalaureate degree in soil science (including environmental soil science) or a “hard” science (including chemistry, geology, physics, or biology) is required. One semester of coursework in each of the following: organic chemistry, physics, plant physiology or microbiology, and statistics. Fifteen (15) semester credits in soil science courses (course deficiencies may be satisfied during the first year of graduate study).

Once an applicant has been approved for admission into The Graduate School, the application packet(containing the transcripts and GRE scores) is forwarded to the department. The Graduate School materials and the departmental application materials (e.g., letters of reference, Student Data Forms) are combined into a completed packet. The Graduate Admissions Committee then evaluates the complete application packet for acceptance into one of the department’s graduate programs. The committee renders one of three recommendations: (1) Admit; (2) Admit with Prerequisites (e.g., required coursework); or (3) Deny Admission. The recommendation is then forwarded to the Department Head by the Director of Graduate Studies. The Department Head then makes the final determination to admit or deny admission into the departmental graduate programs. If the applicant is admitted, the Department Head will notify the applicant by letter which will identify the initial graduate advisor assignment. The letter may also include an offer of financial assistance (see the Financial Support section below).