Final Examinations for Non-Thesis Students

A non-thesis student must pass a final written examination, developed by the student’s advisory committee, and on all work offered for the degree. The examination is not merely a re-examination of course work, but is a test of the candidate’s ability to integrate material in the major and related fields. This written examination will be followed by an oral examination (at the option of the advisory committee) and a presentation of the problem solved in lieu of a thesis. A report on the problem completed in lieu of a thesis must be made available to each committee member at least one week prior to the oral presentation date. The oral examination must be scheduled through The Graduate School in accordance with the deadlines specified in The Graduate School website. The student’s advisory committee will conduct this examination. Members of the University faculty may attend the examination. In case of failure of the writted or oral part of the final examination, the candidate may not appear for re-examination until the following semester. The result of the second examination is final.