Graduate Student Responsibilities

Each graduate student must assume full responsibility for knowledge of rules and regulations of The Graduate School and of departmental requirements for their chosen degree program. All Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science Department graduate programs have requirements beyond the minimum established by The Graduate School.

The Graduate School maintains a website with pertinent information, electronic copies of the Graduate Catalog, Grad Sources (a guide to funding for graduate students), and up-to-date listing of deadlines, policies and procedures, and degree programs. The Graduate School website displays the latest information on Graduate school matters, some of which may supersede this handbook. Publications on the Appeals Procedure and the Graduate Assistant Handbook are also available on the Graduate School website. Students are urged to keep abreast of current rules and regulations by visiting The Graduate School website at least once a semester.

A statement on graduate students’ responsibilities is printed on the back of the student’s admission status form. The statement is also available in the Graduate Catalog.