Directors of Graduate Studies and Graduate Coordinator

There are two (2) Directors of Grduate Studies in the Department. One Director is responsible to the Biosystems Engineering (BsE) and Engineering Technology (BsET) programs, and the other to the Environmental and Soil Sciences (ESS) programs. The Directors are responsible for the administration of their respective graduate programs, and they each serve as a contact person with the Graduate School. The more pertinent responsibilities of the Director are:

  • Serves as liaison between the Department and the Graduate School on matters related to graduate education
  • Serves as the primary contact with prospective students and departmental faculty regarding departmental graduate programs
  • Oversees graduate student application process
  • Manages the admissions process and monitors the admissions policies for graduate students
  • Registers international graduate students for the SPEAK test and monitors scores
  • Oversees departmental orientation of new graduate students
  • In conjunction with graduate faculty, ensures graduate students are aware of and meet established deadlines for timely graduation
  • Approves and signs Admission to Candidacy forms
  • Provides academic leadership in the department for graduate program curricula
  • Oversees the annual progress/evaluation of graduate students

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The Director of Graduate Studies for the Biosystems Engineering (BsE) and Engineering Technology (BsET) programs is:

Dr. Philip Ye
307 BEES Office Building

The Director of Graduate Studies for the Environmental and Soil Sciences programs is:

Dr. Jaehoon Lee
204 BEES Office Building

The Coordinator for all departmental graduate programs is:

Mr. Artan Xhaferaj
101 BEES Office Building