Course Loads

The maximum load for a graduate student is 15 hours and 9 to 12 hours are considered a full load. For the summer term, graduate students may register for a maximum of 12 hours in an entire summer term or for a maximum of 6 hours in a five-week summer session. Students may enroll in only one course during a mini-term session.

Students holding a one-half time assistantship normally should enroll for 6-11 hours. A one-fourth time graduate assistant normally should take 9-13 hours. A student on an one-half time assistantship who takes 6 hours will be considered full time. Refer to the Policy for the Administration of Graduate Assistantships for additional information.

Students receiving financial aid should consult with the department/program head concerning appropriate course loads. Courses audited do not count toward minimum graduate hours required for financial assistance.