Use of 500 Thesis and 600 Dissertation Hours

Students must be registered for course 500 Thesis each semester during work on the thesis, including a minimum of 3 hours the semester in which the thesis is accepted by the Graduate School. Six hours of 500 Thesis are required for the thesis option. After receiving the master’s degree, a student is no longer permitted to register for 500 Thesis.

Course 600 Dissertation is reserved for doctoral research and dissertation hours. Initial registration for 600 Dissertation is determined by graduate advisor, but generally corresponds to the time at which a student begins dissertation research. From this time on, students are required to register continuously for at least 3 hours of 600 Dissertation each semester, including summer term. A minimum total of 24 hours of 600 Dissertation is required.

When registering for 500 Thesis or 600 Dissertation hours, students must sign up for the section that is designated for the student’s major advisor.

A student who will not be using faculty services and/or university facilities for a period of time may request leaves of absence from dissertation research up to a maximum of six terms (including summer terms). The request, approved by the major professor, will be submitted by the student and filed in The Graduate School.