Graduate Student Organizations

Graduate students are encouraged to continue their professional development by becoming student members and participating in the activities of relevant professional societies. Several potential organizations are listed alphabetically below; one or more faculty members in the Department belong to each of the organizations listed:

  • ASABE – The Society for Engineering in Agricultural, Food, and Biological Systems: There is an active student branch of the ASABE at the Department. Annual membership dues are approximately $20.00. Student members receive the national ASABE newsletter and magazine as well as discounts on national meeting registrations. Graduate students regularly present posters and papers pertinent to their work at national meetings organized by ASABE.
  • ASCE – The American Society of Civil Engineers: Students focusing in the area of irrigation, structures, and other civil-engineering-related subjects may be well served by joining ASCE and attending its annual meetings.
  • ASEE – The Society for Engineering Education: Degree candidates who intend to pursue careers in engineering education are encouraged to join this organization. Annual national meetings – typically held in mid-summer – are clearinghouses for new approaches to engineering education. The annual regional meetings – typically held in late spring – are an excellent opportunity to meet engineering educators from around the southeast region.
  • IBE – Institute of Biological Engineering: Students focusing in the area of biosensors, bioprocessing, and other broadly related biological engineering subjects may be well served by joining IBE and attending its annual meetings.
  • IEEE – The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.: Students focusing in the area of sensor and control system design may be well served by joining IEEE and attending its meetings.
  • SAE – The Engineering Society for Advancing Mobility in Land, Sea, Air, and Space: Students focusing in the area of power and machinery may be well served by joining SAE and attending its meetings.
  • Sigma Xi – The Scientific Research Society: Several members of the faculty are members of this honorary organization – students may be nominated to membership upon demonstration of excellence in research.
  • SSSA – The Soil Science Society of America: Students in the ESS and PSI-Soils degree programs can benefit greatly from membership in the SSSA. The primary purpose of the Society is to advance the discipline and practice of soil science by acquiring and disseminating information about soils in relation to crop production, environmental quality, ecosystem sustainability, bioremediation, waste management and recycling, and wise land use.