University Vehicles

The University maintains a motor pool for official local, in-state, or out-of-state travel. The Department also has several vehicles for local and in-state travel. Vehicles from either source may be reserved on an “as available” basis, but the major professor must approve all use of university vehicles. Furthermore, use of university vehicles is a privilege afforded graduate students who (1) possess a valid driver’s license, and (2) are employed by the University. It is expected that the driver will observe all traffic rules and regulations. Fines and penalties resulting from violation of traffic rules will be at the offender’s expense and will precipitate a strong reprimand, which may include suspension of driving privileges. Graduate students must demonstrate the ability to handle certain vehicles to the major professor before being allowed to operate those vehicles. The State Board of Claims will not receive or consider claims for injuries sustained in state-owned vehicles by unauthorized passengers or drivers, or during unauthorized vehicle use. Student employees who drive state-owned vehicles and are concerned with their personal risk exposure in this area are advised to contact their insurance agent regarding the procedures for including the desired non-owned automobile liability coverage in their existing private automobile insurance.