High Honors for BESS’ Research Work

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Sreejata Bandopadhyay
Sreejata Bandopadhyay
Xialong Liang

Out of a total of 14 publications, two BESS/UTIA publications made it to the Editor’s Pick 2021 collection!  Terrestrial Microbiology Editor’s Pick.

DeBruyn Lab:

Bandopadhyay, S.*, J. E. Liquet y Gonzalez*, K. Henderson*, M. B. Anunciado, D. G. Hayes, and J. M. DeBruyn.  2020.  Soil microbial communities associated with biodegradable plastic mulch films.  Frontiers in Microbiology, 11:587074. Dr. Bandopadhyay is now a postdoct at Michigan State.

Radosevich & Zhuang Lab:

Liang, X.*, R. E. Wagner*, B. Li, N. Zhang, and M. A. Radosevich.  2020.  Quorum sensing signals alter in vitro soil virus abundance and bacterial community composition.  Frontiers of Microbiology, 11: 12872020.  – Dr. Liang, who was part of the China Scholar Program,  is now a postdoct at St-Louis University.