Summer Flowering Bulbs

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by  Ludwig, Andrea Lorene

May ushers in warm temperatures and sunny days. It is the best time of year to plant summer flowering bulbs. Garden centers and nurseries off a large selection of these bulbs. Most bulbs like well-drained soils. Perennial bulbs sometimes fail to return because winter wet weather rots the bulbs. The following are a good selection that will do well in Tennessee.

Bulbs for Sunny locations:

The following bulbs should be treated like annuals:

Caladium hybrid – Sun Tolerant Caladiums

Dahalia sp. – Dahalia

Eucomis sp. – Pineapple Lily

Gladolius sp. – Glads (may last a few years)

Nerine sp. – Guernsey Lily

Zantedeschia sp. – Calla Lily (may last a few years)

The following bulbs should be treated like perennials:

Canna sp. – Canna

Colocasia sp. – Elephant Ears and other foliage Colocasia

Crocosmia sp. – Montbretia

Eremurus sp. – Foxtail Lily

Eucharis sp. – Amazon Lily

Iris sp. – Iris

Liatris sp. – Blazing Star

Lillium sp. – Lily

Lycoris sp. – Spider Lily

Bulbs for Partly Shady locations:

The following bulbs should be treated like annuals:

Agapanthus sp. – Lily-of-the Nile

Begonia sp. – Tuberous Begonia

Caladium hybrid – Caladium

Clivia sp. – Natal Lily

Hymenocallis festalis – Peruvian Daffodil

Polianthus tuberosa – Tuberose

Ranunculus sp. – Persian Buttercup

The following can be treated like perennials:

Amaryllis sp. – Amaryllis

Freesia sp. – Freesia