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Internships/Cooperative Work Experience

An integral part of the UT Construction Science Program are the non-credit Internship/Co-Op experiences. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in these programs to enhance their career awareness and future opportunities. Reasons why a student would consider Internship/Co-Op positions are:

  • A career test drive
  • Development of new skills
  • Resume Enhancement
  • Identifying areas of interest
  • Networking
  • Improved motivation and work habits
  • Enhancement of communication skills
  • Enhancement of in-class knowledge
  • Confidence building

The difference between an internship and cooperative work experience is time commitment. An internship primarily fits into the summer break period and would not interfere with the fall or spring semesters although a student could intern any semester period. The cooperative work experience alternates work experience and education, for example working a consecutive summer and fall semester then returning to school to later work a consecutive spring and summer semester. While the co-op will delay the graduation time it adds a tremendous amount of work experience to a resume.

Find out more about these opportunities and our Career Fair through the Office of Career Services.

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