Dr. Saha – new USDA grant

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Dr. Debsish Saha’s research program is centered on developing an understanding of soil health-climate mitigation nexus by mitigating environmental nitrogen pollution by curbing the emissions of potent greenhouse gas nitrous oxide. His proposal “Demystifying the oxygen enigma to enhance agricultural nitrous oxide mitigation by soil health practices,” was selected for funding by USDA’s Soil Health AFRI priority area. His $498,923 grant will be active from March 2021 through February 2024. The three objectives of the project are to:  1) Determine if the heterogeneous distribution of soil profile oxygen concentration under long-term no-till management would increase nitrous oxide emissions, as compared to conventionally tilled soils; 2) Quantify denitrification nitrous oxide loss of fertilizer nitrogen promoted by oxygen depletion due to cover crop residue decomposition; and, 3) Develop a machine learning model to establish threshold conditions and patterns of soil oxygen depletion influencing nitrous oxide emissions in relation to substrate availability and environmental conditions under diverse tillage, cover crop, and fertilizer management. His collaborators on this grant include Drs. Sean Schaeffer, Sindhu Jagadamma, Hao Gan, and Anthony Faiia. Heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Saha and the project team!