Training graduate students is one of the most critical missions of the Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science (BESS) Department. Graduate studies in the department are characterized by challenging coursework, independent research, the development of strong writing and oral communication skills, and excellence at understanding and applying the scientific method. Successful completion of a graduate degree program also requires that students comply with a variety of formal requirements set forth by the University, the Graduate School, and the Department. The purpose of this handbook is to provide current and prospective students with information specific to all graduate degree programs offered by the Department. This handbook does not deviate from established Graduate School policies as noted in the Graduate Catalog, but rather provide the specific ways in which those policies are carried out.

BESS students can pursue a Master of Science in Biosystems Engineering Technology (MS-BsET), or a Master or a Doctor in Biosystems Engineering (MS-BsE, PhD-BsE), or a Master of Science in Environmental and Soil Science or a Doctor of Philosophy in Plant, Soil and Environmental Sciences (PhD-PSES).